Our Mission

The Goal and Mission of L'BAE is to Promote Inspiration, Motivation & a Positive Mindset in Individauls who may have experienced Life's Hardships and need a little Encouragement and Inspiration to help them find their way. We at L'BAE (Living Blessed and Empowered)Studio 1 LLC Enterprise work hard to instill in individuals the awareness of their self-worth and why they were created inorder that they realize their inner strengths and abilities. Our Motto "Your Thoughts are Equivalent to Your Actions" is implemented  by the use of the L'BAE 6 Pillar of A's; Awareness, Acceptance, Aspiration, Accountability, Assurance and Application. Individuals will learn and gain a new sense of who they are and with a changed mindset they will walk confidently in their new found thinking and way of life. A Positive Mindset equals a Positive Behavior/Actions therefore Equating to a Positive Outcome!

A Few Words from Our Clients

It was beautiful to behold school faculty and parents let down their guard; set aside titles; preconceived notions and share personal, sensitive matters which evoked empathy and changed perspectives.

If you’re in search of tools to navigate/overcome life’s challenges in order to live an optimal life; we highly recommend L’BAE to design programming, tailored to fit your needs.

K. Painter

Family Engagement Coordinator

L'BAE ™(Living Blessed and Empowered) Studio 1 LLC Enterprise is a Life-Style Brand, Holistic Consulting Company, and Empowerment Source founded by Pamela Pitts in 2013 after her daughter whom was diagnoised with Synovial Sarcoma a rare cancer fought hard, beat the odds and now lives cancer free. Pamela understands first hand what it is like to experience a traumatic ordeal. L'BAE a Faith Based Brand was founded  to inspire, encourage and up-lift the spirits of individuals who may experience hardships in life through Inspriational Education; Holistic Consulting, Empowerment Workshops/Seminars and Motivational tools such as the L'BAE Concept T-shirts, L'BAE Cosmetics, The L'BAE Inspirational CD, The L'BAE Moments, and The Seeds Sown the L'BAE Way Blog.

Pamela Pitts has worked in the Beauty industry for the past 23 years as a licensed cosmetologist/salon owner, and in the Education field for over 12 years working with those individuals deaf and hard of hearing, physically and mentally disabled. Pamela loves everything about fashion, and making people feel good about themselves both inside and out. Pamela is a Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor MS, Behavior Strategist, Doctoral Canidate of Walden University as well as a 

Radio Personality (Pamela the Inspirationalist) and Motivational Speaker.